Instagram Pages You Have To Follow! (Fashion Edition)

I love finding new fashion accounts to follow on instagram, whether they be a mainstream brands page or just some girl who really knows how to dress… i appreciate them. Those that know me know that my style is a bit tomboy ish’, i wear a lot of black and i love hoodies, but i also have a side that loves to dress up and feel glamorous so i feel my IG feed has a nice balance of both styles to keep me inspired.

1 – @StyleBySunflower is my go to IG account for outfit inspiration! The page is run by a stylish, ambitious and beautiful young woman from New York, who has an eye for calculating the perfect ensemble for any occasion. Whether you have a hot date, formal event, or need a casual daytime look, she will of created a look perfect for you, and is alway’s willing to help style and guide her followers to get the outfit they want.


2 – @LocalHeros are a brand that i have watched grow over the years and develop into one of the coolest clothing ranges ever! With their bio stating that ‘WEARING REAL STUFF SUCKS’, you can be sure to find some of the cutest lounge wear and accessories, for when you just don’t want to dress like a boring adult. Their theme is colourful, fun, sarcastic and feminine, and has fans such as Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and Rihanna.

IMG_1630 IMG_1602

3 – @bape_us is slowly becoming my new obsession, and i blame Chris Brown! If you follow breezy on social media you will of noticed his ever growing collection of Bape clothing for both himself and his gorgeous little girl Royalty. The brand creates graphic, colourful and unique lounge wear, from hoodies to sweatpants. Their monster tooth hood has become a trend which has been seen on some of the biggest artist within the music industry such as Lil Wayne, Tyga, Kehlani, and many more. @Bape_us keeps their IG filled with images of new collections, future collaborations and discount offers, so if you like their style, be sure to follow!



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