Instagram Pages You Have To Follow (Meme edition)

Instagram has slowly taken over my life. I check it as soon as i wake up, before i go to sleep, and every hour in-between. The app has developed into one of the most popular social media outlets on the market, and has become so much more than just a place to post pretty pictures of sunsets and selfies. Instagram is now home to some of the most hilarious, inspiring, relatable and shocking memes you could ever imagine.

Now, if you are my dad, or someone who isn’t particularly up to date with todays so called technology/ trends; a meme is just a picture with a caption next to it… simples!

Simple but genius! I swear about 80% of my ‘Girls’ watsapp group is us sending memes / relatable quotes back and forth to each other. Mainly throwing shade at boys and making ourselves feel better about how much we love food. The instagram accounts pictured bellow are some of my favourites to grab screen shots from and i highly recommend you following them if you don’t already!

    @thefatjewish            @RMDRK                     @Scouse_ma                   @RatchetTV

IMG_1604 IMG_1605 IMG_1606IMG_1607


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