Keeping Up With The Kardashian/ Jenner Apps

The Kardashians have pretty much taken over the mainstream world! 11 seasons into their reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the family now have their name attached to clothing, makeup, hair, and now they each have their own App! The highly anticipated interactive apps stormed up the apple charts with Kylie, the youngest of the sisters, proving to be the publics most popular choice! Whilst the first week is free, you then have to pay a monthly fee of £2.99 to get access to the exclusive content, is it worth it? I’d say so!

Just when we thought we were keeping up with pretty much everything Kardashian, we now have access to live streams, getting an even closer and more personal look into their day to day lives. Not only is the app highly addictive & believe me it will become your new twitter to check in the morning, but it is highly educational… No, I’m being serious! Through personal tutorials we get to see how the sisters makeup and hair is made to look so flawless, along with fitness and home advise from Khloe during her “Khlo C D” segment. The Kardashian’s wardrobes are also something which so many women envy and wish they could own, and with their apps… now you can! They each post pictures of their street style looks, with images and links to the pieces they were wearing, so now you can get their look in one click!

If i haven’t sold it to you, try their FREE trials for yourself! Available on the App Store & Google Play.


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