New Music: Kanye West – ‘When I See It’ & ‘Say You Will’

Kanye West just dropped two new songs on soundcloud… yep, you read that right! Whilst we sit patiently and wait for his new album ‘Swish’, Yeezy slyly uploaded new music online. The first is a remix to The Weekend’s “Tell Your Friends” which Ye produced, entitled “When I See It”. The track features Kanye going back to his auto-tune ways for the shorter than normal song.

Soundcloud – Kanye West – When I See It

“Say You Will” is a remake of the version which featured on his 2008 album 808s & Heartbreak. The song features vocals from singer and violinist Caroline Shaw who joined Kanye on stage during the Democratic National Committee Fundraiser earlier this year.

Soundcloud – Kanye West – Say You Will

We can never complain about receiving new music from Yeezus, but i think we have all waited long enough, and im’a let you finish but… WE WANT THE ALBUM! LISTEN TO THE KIDS BRO!

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