Video: Drake – Hotline Bling

Drizzy season is in full swing! With the releases of Right Hand and Hotline Bling via OVO radio, Drake has been warming us up nicely for the release of his next album Views From The 6, which is set to be released before the end of this year. Last night the video for Hotline Bling dropped on apple music, giving us some of Aubrih’s finest dance moves whilst serenading beautiful women. The hiphop mogul has always been a victim of instagram memes, and this video has lined him up to be at the centre of a quite a few more! Fans have taken it upon themselves to swap the origional song for latino dance music or comedy theme tunes IMG_1640-0to match drizzy’s hilarious dance moves. Search the hashtag #hotlinebling to see some of the genius remakes!
Watch the video for the chart topping Hotline Bling bellow!

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YouTube – Drake – Hotline Bling Video

Apple Music – Drake – Hotline Bling (Official Video)


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