TUNE OF THE DAY Not just a single tune... But the entire album! Can we have a virtual round of applause for my girl crush, my current “OBSESSION” and even though she’s younger than me... my role model... Kehlani Parish! SWEET SEXY SAVAGE - Kehlani Here’s track 1 to give you a taster. DOWNLOAD... Continue Reading →



In need of some positivity? Motivation? A new way of thinking? Here are three best selling books by Norman Vincent to do just that! Through his own experiences, stories, and learnt techniques, Vincent eloquently puts into words how your mind has the power to change its ways, and focus on the positives instead of the... Continue Reading →


SweetSexySavage - Debut Album by Kehlani I am a huge fan of this girl, and of course Kehlani can do no wrong in my eyes... BUT truthfully this album has exceeded all of my expectations. I ne w it would be cool, sexy and emotional but i didn’t expect to one minute be so turnt,... Continue Reading →


WELCOME TO THE 90’s  Born in 1993, i was too young to appreciate the brilliance of 90’s fashion! The trends that were made are timeless and definitely influence my style today. Thankfully the likes of Nike, Adidas, Champion and Tommy Hilfugure have kept the coolness of 90’s style within their latest ranges, as well as... Continue Reading →


Khloe Kardashian D.O.B – 27 Jun 1984 Height – 5’10 Occupation – Reality TV star, Fashion Icon and Business Women.

Motivation Monday

21.1.17 A day that made history. A day when women across America and the World, came together to protest the presidency  of Donald Trump. The BIGGEST inaugural protest in HISTORY! A day that, in a world full of so much worry and doubt, women, proved to the world, that together, WE can! We can make... Continue Reading →


Every Thursday i will be posting some of my favourite ‘Throw Backs’ including music, programs, styles and more! Mary-Kate & Ashley I was OBSESSED with Mary-kate and Ashley back in the 90’s! No matter the role the Olsen twins ended up stealing the show! From the hit series ‘Full House’ to action packed teen movies such as... Continue Reading →


Robyn Rihanna Fenty D.O.B - 20 Feb 1988 Height - 5'8 Occupation - One of the best selling female artists of ALL TIME

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