SweetSexySavage – Debut Album by Kehlani

kehlani-sweetsexysavage-1481227533I am a huge fan of this girl, and of course Kehlani can do no wrong in my eyes… BUT truthfully this album has exceeded all of my expectations. I ne
w it would be cool, sexy and emotional but i didn’t expect to one minute be so turnt, and then next have tears streaming down my face because of the realness and raw relatable lyrics.

Throughout her climb to success, she has kept her sweet 90’s inspired sound consistent, whilst still allowing herself to grow and develop as an artist. Not only has the 21 year old become more confident within her vocals, but her song writing and production have also reached new peeks.                   Download SweetSexySavage NOW! 

I won’t go into detail about what the album sounds like, because i couldn’t do it justice. All i can say is if you enjoy soulful rnb tones, catchy beats and hooks, with meaningful lyrics and some sass then i couldn’t recommend a more well rounded album.

Even if you don’t know of Kehlani right now… you soon will, but this  is a great place to start! You can catch the Lani and her Tsunami Mob on her first world tour starting next month! Dates bellow!





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