“Acceptable In The 00’s”

Fashion often comes around full circle… but some trends may be better off left where they started!

Choker Necklaces:

I’m all for the return of the choker! Perfect and sex accesory for a simple outfit.

Crop Tops:

 Done in the right way, crops can be cute and flattering, one of my favourite summer styles.

Puffer Jackets:

Again, I’m a fan! A cool alternative winter look, brought back into trend by the likes of Rihanna and many other celebrities this past year.

Name Necklaces:

Now these are cute! Had one when i was younger, and still find them a cute and personal accessory.

Off The Shoulder Tops:

Nope. Suit no one, look awful, need to stay away! GROSS GROSS GROSS! (tad dramatic i know)


I enjoy the odd bit of camo… done tastefully! But its definitely been over worn this past year.

Double Denim

Has to be done right! If you aint sure… don’t do it! 00’s could of kept this one TBF.

Coloured Hair:

Keep it cute! My BFF is the one for this trend… Currently rocking baby pink and she looks so dope with it! Glad this one made a come back.




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