The Importance of the British Millennial Vote.

First of all…


Anyway, for those who don’t know me…

Im a 23-year-old undergraduate. Trying to figure out my ‘desired’ life path whilst shamelessly binge watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I watsapp more than I talk, stream endless hiphop through apple music and if it’s got an Apple or a Nike tick on it, I’ll buy it. Love it or hate it, yes I’m a millennial.

We are the generation that gets stereotyped as “spoiled”, “lazy” and “self-centered” …obviously by the non-millennials of the world. But even though it might seem harsh to generalise a whole generation, there may be some elements of truth behind the slander.

It would seem that the majority of us (millennials) are driven by the more shallow, extrinsic goals, like status, fame and money, and are influenced and overexposed to celebrity culture, not so “reality” reality tv, and so causes us to often strive for a piece of that “fame”.

But one thing I have noticed about my generation, is that we are having more conversations than any other, creating more movements than we’ve ever seen, and having an active hand in helping improve the state of the world. You might not believe me when I say that because sadly it’s not what the media likes to cover, but I promise you, if you follow the right people, and scrape through the fake news, you’ll find the good in what many young people are doing today.

But anyway, within the conversation of youth, politics is one thing we NEED to take control of, and believe that our voice & vote matters. It is something I’ve only become interested in over the last year or so, mainly because I’m now at an age where it actually effects me and my future.

I have always found that elections in general but mainly the ‘General elections’ are something of a whirlwind to get your head around, and to actually gather knowledge and truth about who is the best vote for YOU.

The media, as with everything in todays society, can twist, turn and manipulate every situation, promise, positive and negative about each of the British parties… So how do we know who to trust?

Basically, trust no one and nothing that you read. Just do your research. Look at facts, data, analyse the individuals running, and use your own judgment of who you have the most faith in running your country.

Now, I am going to keep this piece neutral, i don’t care who you vote for, as long as you vote. I hear the words “I’m not voting” too many times from people my age… Unknownand I get it if your reason for not voting, is down to your lack of knowledge and education about politics, because unfortunately people either don’t like to talk about politics or you have those that cant see beyond their own opinion, so it becomes impossible to have a calm and rational conversation with them. But that’s why it is SO important to have a voice, talk to your friends, start conversations on social media, and use your vote.

With todays use of social media we have endless opportunity to communicate, learn and speak out about the stuff that effects us… 140 characters might not be a lot, but if Donald Trump can use them to make himself look like even more of a fool than he already is, then we can definitely use them to make a positive impact and create intelligent conversations. We need to not be blinded by the false promises and the fake hard sell of robotic politicians and vote for who really actually cares… this might seem like the fight of two evils but there’s always a lesser and as long as we keep voting, hopefully one day we will see the changes and movements that we want, and we need!

Thanks for reading & don’t forget to register (link bellow)!

Much love xo


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