NEW MUSIC: Lil Wayne – Like A Man

With conflicts still in the air between rap mogul Lil Wayne and Cash Money CEO Bird Man, Tunchi has been doing what he can to give his fans new music. The Carter 5 album is yet to have a release date, but until we get in in-prisoned Young Money record, we can still get our... Continue Reading →


NEW MUSIC PLAYLIST… Just In Time For The Weekend!

Got that Friday feeling? Well here are some of the newest tunes i recommend to have on your playlist this weekend... Way Out - Croosh Download: Way Out - Croosh (Apple Music) 3. My Life - The Walls Group Download: My Life - The Walls Group (Apple Music) 4. Insecure - Jasmine Sullivan Ft. Bryson... Continue Reading →


TUNE OF THE DAY WATCH - AGK (Prod. Harri Georgio) Aldo Karim Ennakhli (AGK), without a doubt this boy was born to entertain.  In collaboration with UK Producer Harri Georgio,  AGK’s latest creation is a gritty, grime anthem, showing of his intricate MC skills. Follow both Aldo and Harri on their Instagrams' @xnnxkhagram / @harrigeorgio... Continue Reading →

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