TUNE OF THE DAY WATCH - AGK (Prod. Harri Georgio) Aldo Karim Ennakhli (AGK), without a doubt this boy was born to entertain.  In collaboration with UK Producer Harri Georgio,  AGK’s latest creation is a gritty, grime anthem, showing of his intricate MC skills. Follow both Aldo and Harri on their Instagrams' @xnnxkhagram / @harrigeorgio... Continue Reading →



This week it goes to my girl BAElani AKA KEHLANI PARRISH Name: Kehlani Parish D.O.B: April 24, 1995 Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Dancer, BAE If i was gonna turn... this would be the girl to do it! DOWNLOAD SWEET SEXY SAVAGE NOW! Apple Music: SSS - Kehlani  


SweetSexySavage - Debut Album by Kehlani I am a huge fan of this girl, and of course Kehlani can do no wrong in my eyes... BUT truthfully this album has exceeded all of my expectations. I ne w it would be cool, sexy and emotional but i didn’t expect to one minute be so turnt,... Continue Reading →

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