The Transgender Military Ban & My Opinion…

Trump fans, i don’t think you’ll like this one... I will try my best not to go off on a tangent whilst writing this, but it will be difficult due to the amount of ignorant and plain old dumb ass decisions that have been made by the current POTUS. The latest form of idiocy performed... Continue Reading →


#TEAMBREEZY – Chris Brown: Welcome To My Life, Is Coming To UK Cinemas!

After releasing his highly anticipated docu-movie to his US audience on July 8th, Chris Brown’s UK fans have been anxiously waiting to see the star get candid about his trials and tribulations throughout his almost 12 year career. Just over a month later Breezy has now given his over seas fans the date of AUGUST... Continue Reading →


So my friend found this blog post, i read it, i loved it! From the heart of an honest young woman, the superficial, F’d up whirlwind of modern day dating has been put into words that prove how much of a mess finding “the one” is. From over-thinking to ghosting the one you like to... Continue Reading →


Sometimes you cant quite put how you feel into the right words, or sometimes you just need to hear things that put everything you're feeling into perspective. Here are some of my favourite motivation quotes from inspirational women who have known just what to say over the years. Oprah Winfrey- “If you look at what... Continue Reading →


In need of some positivity? Motivation? A new way of thinking? Here are three best selling books by Norman Vincent to do just that! Through his own experiences, stories, and learnt techniques, Vincent eloquently puts into words how your mind has the power to change its ways, and focus on the positives instead of the... Continue Reading →

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